Sessie 31

Meeting the Man behind the Curtain

Having seen a very worried John in the morning and having left him very relieved even though he lost a colleague the night before, the party went on their way to meet mr. Jones and then Barry himself.

They found Mr. Jones at the designated spot and at the designated time. They followed him on some distance to not gain unwanted attention from any third party, and they quickly came to a gate between two houses. The gate opened and showed the gatekeeper Blimbo.

Mr. Jones asked them to follow him once more and went into the house on the right. They went up the stairs and into the room on the left. There he was. A great muscled centaur. It took the party one question and not even two seconds before realizing that this centaur was a fake. Mr Jones thanked Knof the bodyguard for his performance and apologized to the party for trying to deceive them. This was just the last test to see if they did not outright tried to kill Barry. But he already had a fair amount of trust for our heroes, so he invited them into the opposite room.

In the opposite room there sat a middle-aged Nezumi in a large comfy chair His leg was in a brace and, if one looked close enough, there were small burn marks on his face. There were many things the party wanted to know of him, so he invited them to sit with him. And after answering a few questions, he told them the story of how he came to Chostolum.

Barry had come to Chostolum some two years ago. There he found a group of like minded people. Together they tried to change the world for the better, but they were a little short on funds. Luckely a gnome had come to Chostolum who was interested in their ideas and had a fair amount of money to help the group attain their goals. After a short time of conversation, a deal was made between the gnome Roy Pickerin and the group. To celebrate their deal, they were all invited to Roy’s house and participate in a feast.

When they arrived and sat at the large house in the north of the old city centre, they were with 10 people. There were Roy himself, a kobold who was definately his right hand but who seemed to be in a foul mood, there were a grippli and a wayang from Roy’s entourage and there were the members of the group: Priscilla the leader, Logue the organiser, Felix the bodyguard, Wizzy the arcane bodyguard, Teach the beacon of inspiration, and Barry the new-guy.

The meal was progressing steadily when suddenly all felt that something drained them of their strength. Being alarmed by the drain en the sudden swing of atmosphere, Wizzy spotted the kobold reaching for a weapon and he shot magic missiles at him. In no time, there was a full fight taking place. Strangely enough, Roy only sat there and smiled. He sat there as if there was nothing in the world that could harm him. Nothing was farther from the truth because he was soon hit by exploding blood, by magic missiles and by a scale of other stuff.

After a most heroic fight, 7 of the 11 lay dead. The Grippli, the scorpion and all of the group except for Barry. Barry managed to escape by use of the conjured Fog of an ally and the drain underneath the table where the scorpion had crawled out of. Through the guts and the blood of his friends he crawled. His face and chest burned by exploding blood and his left lower leg hanging loosely from his destroyed knee. He crawled and crawled until at long last he finally found the street. Although it felt like many nights, from then on he only had to move 1200 metres to a safe adress.

Thus he survived the crazed gnome Roy Pickerin and thus he hates him so.



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